Invention Engine

Recommended Age Group

Year 3 – Year 6



Workshops for

Schools and Out of School Hours Care Providers

What is Invention Engine?

Invention Engine is a programmable hardware that connects different Invention Engine ‘bits’ to cardboard. These bits can be programed online to bring your cardboard creation to life!

From LED lights, buttons, sensors and more, these bits can be added to a cardboard box to allow learning in areas across the curriculum. Coding is done with simple block coding and the flexibility of cardboard allows accessibility for all types of learners.

How can Invention Engine be used in the classroom?

  • Bringing ideas to life – Students gain ownership over their inventions by building them from start to finish
  • STEM Learning – Use Invention Engine to prototype designs
  • Programming – Program Invention Engine to use it’s sensors to pick up temperature or distance

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