Primary School Incursions

Looking for a new way to engage your students in their learning?

Our team works with schools to introduce and expand educational technology skills for students and their teachers!

Our Spark Incursions are ideal for schools who are looking for a one off, technology incursion to engage students with 1 or 2 educational technologies in hands-one learning. Teachers can watch and see how our educators integrate technology with learning and gain insight for how they can do the same!

For schools looking to dive deeper, our multi-lesson Ignite Workshops are designed and delivered by our team working together with the classroom teacher.

Kid and TechGen using Lego Spike app

Spark Incursions

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  • Stand-alone incursions
  • Select from our list of available educational technologies
  • Great for beginning your school’s TechGen journey

Ignite Workshops

Students develop in-depth skills through a series of workshops
  • Multi-lesson based programs
  • Workshops can be linked to a current learning theme
  • Select a range of educational technologies for the series

Spark Incursions

Lego Spike iPad app

Ignite Workshops

Comparison of Spark and Ignite Workshops

Spark Incursions Ignite Workshops
Objectives For students to have fun with technology in an engaging and effective manner.  To use technology to teach and develop learning concepts over a series of related lessons. 
Delivery TechGen runs the activity.  TechGen runs the activity in partnership with the classroom teacher.
Content We have a selection of pre-prepared incursions to choose from. We can recommend content based on the teaching unit and available technology. 
Teacher Outcomes Teachers gain an insight into available technologies and how they might be used. Teachers develop familiarity with a specific technology and start to consider other ways to use it in their lessons.
Duration 60-90 mins

Single standalone incursions.

60-90 mins

Over a series of days or weeks.