Blue Bots

Recommended Age Group

Early Childhood – Year 3


Yes – Tablet Robotics Kit

Workshops for

Early Childhood, Schools and Out of School Hours Care Providers

What are Blue Bots?

Blue Bots are small, user-friendly, robots, perfect for young learners! Their easy to use buttons and app format make them a great resource for introducing young children to simple coding, programming and algorithms. Their clear outer shells allows students to look at the working parts of the robot to understand what’s going on. The Blue Bot app uses basic block coding and introduces new skills that are only available on the app.

Other accessories for the Blue Bots include the helmets (pen holder and bulldozer attachments) to give the Blue Bot the ability to move objects and draw shapes. Using a whiteboard grid map is also beneficial as it allows students ease with programming and visualising the code to input into the Blue Bot.

How can Blue Bots be used in the classroom?

  • Maze – Create a maze using blocks to program the Blue Bot to get through without crashing into any walls
  • Measuring and Estimating – Use the Blue Bot to measure or estimate a distance
  • Drawing Shapes – Try drawing simple and complex shapes using the extended programming options on the app and the pen holder helmet

Will Blue Bots work in your classroom? Reach out to TechGen to find out more information or to book in your first session!