Recommended Age Group

Year 3 – Year 6



Workshops for

Schools and Out of School Hours Care Providers

What are Ozobots?

Ozobots are very small robots that uses a colour sensor and a line sensor to navigate it’s way around. By using coloured markers and Ozobot ‘colour codes’, you can program the Ozobot to move in certain directions and complete specific tasks.

Ozobots can also be coded using basic block coding on the Ozobot app. The Ozobot app allows you to do more advanced actions with the Ozobots as well as putting in a repeat loop.

How can Ozobots be used in the classroom?

  • Annotating and Understanding Maps – Create a route on a map of a place/country and code the Ozobot to perform different tricks at different points on the map
  • Directions and Creating Your Own Path – Communicate the desired direction and show understanding of best paths

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