Merge Cube

Recommended Age Group

Year 3 – Year 6


Yes – 360 Degree Camera Kit

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What are Merge Cubes?

Merge Cubes lets you hold digital 3D objects. Using multiple different Merge apps, students can look in detail at labelled objects as hands-on teaching aids and simulations to understand concepts deeply compared to 2D representations.

Engage with TechGen’s workshops and have access to our comprehensive list of what objects Merge Cube offers to save teachers time in finding valuable resources themselves!

How can Merge Cubes be used in the classroom?

  • Merge Cubes can be integrated into many lessons where studying a diagram is beneficial for learning.
  • Science Concepts – Plants, space, atoms, the human body and more!

Will Merge Cubes work in your classroom? Reach out to TechGen to find out more information or to book in your first session!