Recommended Age Group

Year 3 – Year 6


Yes – Inventor Robotics Kit

Workshops for

Schools and Out of School Hours Care Providers

What are Micro:Bits?

Micro:Bits are small items of computer hardware that introduces students to how software and hardware work together. With an LED light display, buttons and sensors, the Micro:Bit can be programmed using the online Microsoft MakeCode website to interact with things happening in the world around you.

To operate the Micro:Bit, you will need access to a computer to attach using a USB lead. Using a Micro:Bit requires more understanding of programming and coding than other technologies, but it’s easy to use block coding make learning simple!

How can Micro:Bits be used in the classroom?

  • Variables – Teach students to understand variables using the Micro:Bit’s inbuilt sensors to create a thermometer
  • Musical Instrument – Using the musical attachment, create an algorithm to produce a song
  • Physical Activity – Program the Micro:Bit to count your steps

Will Micro:Bits work in your classroom? Reach out to TechGen to find out more information or to book in your first session!