Lego Spike & Lego Bricq

Recommended Age Group

Year 4 – Year 6


Yes – Inventor Robotics Kit

Workshops for

Schools and Out of School Hours Care Providers

What is Lego Spike & Lego Bricq?

Lego Spike teaches problem solving and coding skills using the familiarity of building with Lego bricks! The Lego Spike kits come in the Essentials version (for younger students) and Prime version (for older students). They combine typical Lego building techniques with battery operated motors to bring your creations to life!

Lego Bricq leads students through investigations to do with forces and motion. The Lego Briq kits are also separated into Essentials and Prime for younger and older students and require students of all ages to design, analyse, and develop solutions.

Both Lego Spike and Lego Bricq encourage students to think critically and hands on to collaborate with a team and communicate their ideas.

How can Lego Spike & Lego Bricq be used in the classroom?

  • Project Based Learning – Students can use Lego Spike as apart of a project for their prototypes and finished products
  • Simple Machines – Use the Lego Spike kits to represent machines that use simple machines
  • Engineering Concepts – Create a sail boat on wheels and determine how big the sail should be for the longest glide

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